Flash compositions: Essentially a blend of an oxidizer (typically potassium perchlorate), and a fuel, usually powdered aluminum, flash compositions (also known as photoflash powder or salute powder) are used in many types of devices, from firecrackers, salutes and maroons, to military/police “flash bang” devices and grenade simulators. Salutes (or reports, maroons, bombettes, mascleta) are those fireworks that make a loud bang and a bright flash of light.

Manufacturing flash composition: (the powder used to charge the device), is among the most dangerous activities in any fireworks/pyrotechnic manufacturing plant. Flash compositions are extremely friction sensitive, extremely static sensitive, and impact sensitive. What does all that mean? Step on the corner of a paper bag of flash composition or loose powder and you will likely cause and explosion. Have a static spark hit an open container of flash powder, and disaster may follow. Just by wiping a gloved hand harshly against flash composition and a hard surface, you could ignite the composition. In essence if you are going to manufacture flash powder you have to be extremely careful. In some plants in Asia and South America, the employees that manufacture flash, actually stand in water during the process of blending the oxidizer and the fuel.